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I was born and raised in Jinan, Shandong, China. Growing up, I have always been very chatty and extraverted, so my mom sent me to learn Yangqin, a traditional Chinese instrument, to be more patient and artistic. I started learning English when I was two, so I am fluent in Chinese and English.

Graduate Portrait from LMU

In 2016, I started my college life at Loyola Marymount University. Because of my passion and curiosity in arts and live performance, I became a Theatre Arts major and minored in Film, Television, and Media Study. During my time at LMU, I explored all kinds of possibilities as much as possible. I took a wide range of courses, from Media Study to Marketing. I never limit myself from learning new knowledge. In the Theatre Department, I got to know every aspect of theatre. I learned how to act, design, and manage. In my junior year, a stage management class triggered my interest in stage management and led me to my later path to CalArts. In 2019, I stage-managed Haunting of Hannon 2019, an annual Halloween event that happened in our LMU library. I coordinated the auditions and all the rehearsals and managed 30 actors and crew members. I also supervised the who event to make sure everything went well. The show was successful, and that was my best and the last present to LMU.

Productions I’ve done in CalArts

After graduating from LMU, I went to California Institute of the Arts to get more education on Stage Management. During my time there, I learned how to be a good stage manager and managed two productions. Everything shifted to online because of the pandemic, which made me a ZOOM expert! My stage manager experience made me a more organized and detail-oriented person. Working with different teams and people enhanced my communication and people skills and made me more confident in expressing myself.

With USC Trojan

In December 2020, I started a digital media and advertising internship at Chihuo Inc, a Chinese food culture and lifestyle company in Los Angeles. My main task was to write posts about food, drink, and restaurant, and I had lots of fun adding my creativity to the posts and brainstorming with my co-workers for advertisements. I knew it was time for me to start a path, so I transferred to USC and started my life as a PR & Advertising student.

I appreciate every step I take. I am glad that I took so many different classes in college and explored possibilities. I am glad that I used to study at one of the best art schools because I have met so many wonderful artists and learned from them. I’ve tried acting and stage managing, so I know how to understand others and communicate with teammates. I am confident now because I know that every experience of mine is precious, and they made me who I am today. I feel proud that I am always willing to challenge, try, and take action. I am enjoying my journey, and I hope you can enjoy yours.

Taken by me in Marina Del Rey

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